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The Story

The light in Sweden is magic and a big
inspiration for us. Noor means light.
Our garments are designed in Sweden.
We believe in long lasting styles which
will become women’s favourites.
Garments with good shape and fit,
good quality, easy to mix together and
comfortable to wear.
We design garments for women who
want to invest in their wardrobe.
Our mission is to make all garments as
sustainable as possible.
Therefore, we choose to produce as close to
us as possible. All in order to minimize transport
and to have closer contact with our manufacturers.
We produce mainly in Sweden, Estonia and Latvia.
We get our inspiration from the textile history
and architecture of our hometown Norrköping.
We are also inspired by strong women
who believe in themselves, who is and has
been icons in style and fashion,
like grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn
and Ingrid Bergman.


Sustainability is important for NOOR of Sweden. Therefore, we use Tencel® in many of our products. It is a natural material extracted from the raw material wood. The raw material is the same as that of viscose, but the manufacturing process is kinder to the enviroment. Textiles of Tencel® are more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen. Our jersey is knitted in Sweden.

The brand Tencel® is the same as lyocell, but when you buy Tencel®, you can be sure that the wood raw material is certified with the sustainability mark FSC.

Click here to see our Tencel® Collection

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