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Sustainability Goals

  •  Locally

We have made a conscious choice to produce in our countries near by, Estonia and Latvia. We manufacture our basic jersey in Åby outside Norrköping, Sweden. 

  • Minimize transport 

When we sew and knit in Estonia and Latvia, we don´t need to transport our clothes all over the world.


  •  Small scale

We don´t build mountains of clothes. We manufacture no more than what we need. Our customers can get their NOOR garments adjusted by us for them to fit perfectly. The garments are because of that used longer and our customers feel completely comfortable in the garments.


  •  Good quality that lasts

By good quality we mean; well-made, good fit. Each garment is treated with love and care. A craft from idea to finished garment.


  •  Sustainable choice of materials

We work mostly with Viscose. Viscose is a natural material extracted from the raw material wood. The manufacturing process is kinder to the enviroment and are more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen.


  •  Fair working conditions

Everyone should be able to live on their salary. Therefore, we choose to produce in Estonia and Latvia. Because of that we take  an active choice not to produce in low-wage countries



What is sustainability for you? What would you see that we are doing further for our environment?

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