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Care Instructions


The Noor team wants you as a costumer to invest in your wardrobe, to buy garments that keep in style, fit and quality instead of consuming and throw away. We want you to buy your clothes with care. 

Ask for help to organize your wardrobe, our team knows how to build a ”sustainable” wardrobe. Make the garments easy to combine with each other and there should be garments that complete each other. 

 Storage your clothes carefully, preferably on a hanger or gently folded. 

Do not wash if its unnecessarily, a lot of garments are fine with some airing only. A wool sweater feels like new if you do a little airing.  

Do not use too much detergent and avoid fabric softeners that are not eco-labelled. Fill the whole washing machine with laundry to not waste water unnecessarily. 

Air-dry garments, if possible, tumble drying tear on both the clothes and the environment. 
Wash the laundry at a temperature as low as possible. 
Do not throw away a garment you like when or if they break. 
A small hole is easy to fix, however, the hole grows quickly if you don’t do something about it. 
You may also like to sew a garment to something else if you are tired of it, a sweater can become a pillow, a shirt can become a cloth bag. 

Remake a garment that has become too large. Either for yourself or give it to someone else. 
To get help from a tailor/seamstress don’t need to be that expensive. It’s worth checking out. 

The longer a garment is used the more sustainable it gets. When a garment can no longer be used, it still goes to a certain extent to be used. Some materials can be made into new fibres or can for example be used as isolation. 


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