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Do you need help to structure your wardrobe and your purchases?

Then you have come to the right place!

Based on your need of clothing, accessories and your colors, we help you to get to such a lasting and functional wardrobe as possible.

You can book an appointment with one of our sellers to meet in the store or if you prefer, we visit you at your home. We then carefully go through your needs in your everyday life, at work and special occasions.

The goal is to give you a functional wardrobe where you can match your old favorites with new purchases. We help you with the right size and the right fit that suit your body best. With our help you are able to be enviromentally friendly, there will be no unnecessary throwaway because we help you use all the garments in your closet.

Then, if you wish, your personal sellers then contact you about the news coming in that can become fine additions to your new working wardrobe.

In our flagship store in Norrköping, Sweden we also do small changes on our products to suit our custumes perfectly. 

All this is a service we offer our customers, and we take nothing extra for it.





We want our customers to get the best possible service and always feel 100% satisfied with their purchases with us.

Therefore, we offer simpler adjustments, on pants and skirts, etc. in our  stores when you buy our products.

This is a service included in our regular prices.

All in order for the customer to get the best fit.




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